Miracle Baby Dolls Parent Contract
Print out, sign and mail to the artist at
Miracle Baby Dolls
P.0.Box 4069
Elmira, N.Y. 14904

My name is ______________________________________________________________
My spouse' name is_______________________________________________________
My address______________________________________________________________
State, zip_______________________________________________________________ Country_________________________________________________________________
My spouse/partner lives ___________________________________________________
in this State/country_______________________________________________________
Zip Code_________________________________________________________________
Phone number____________________________________________________________

We give all rights to the artist, to use our child's photos, birth measurements, footprint and hand print certificates (if available) or impressions of my child's hands and or feet,  first name, birth records, which include measurements and birth story of our miracle baby named:___________________________________________________________
born at ________weeks gestation.
My child's web site is _____________________________________________________
By signing here I give the artist permission to link to my child's site ________________________________________________________________________
My child was born on__________________of the year___________________________. 
The head circumference of my child at birth was________________________________
The abdominal circumference was___________________________________________
The length of my child from head to foot was___________________________________
At birth my child weighed___________________________________________________
I understand that the artist goal is to sculpt all 40 weeks to show the world the beauty of pre-term and pre-born babies, in order to form respect for human life. I understand that the artist has devouted her free time over the past 10 years working on this goal.

The artist will make one resin casting of my child, made from her original molds of the original life size sculpt of our miracle baby. We will pay the cost of the making the resin doll to the artist and the shipping fee. This process will take aproximately 1 year. It may take more time if the artist or her family members are ill or there is high humidity when the resin is to be casted.  

These costs will be approximately $190.00 a pound for the size of my baby at birth.
The artist retains all rights and full ownership of the molds she makes of the original sculpt of my child. In the process of silicone mold making the original sculpted polymer clay doll is always broken. This service is at cost, the only way the artist makes a profit is to sell copies of this doll to other parents. This contract gives the artist full rights to sell subsequent dolls made in the image of my child. Resin and silicone are petroleum based products and their cost changes like the price of gasoline. So the above price is subject to change.

The artist reserves the right to refuse to complete the doll at any time if payment is not recieved, or if the photos and birth records are not accurate or detailed enough that she can make the sculpt or if the parents are too demanding or impatient.

One year is the amount of time it takes the artist to complete a portriat doll as the artist is a full time teacher, with 4 children and has many other customers to please, and only works on the dolls in her free time off / school holidays.